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Kubernetes PodOperator

Note: This is only for customers currently running Astronomer Enterprise. Support for Astronomer Cloud will be available soon!

Running the KubernetesPodOperator on Airflow 1.9

The KubernetesPodOperator spins up a pod to run a Docker container in. If you are running Airflow on Kubernetes, it is preferable to do this rather than use the DockerOperator.

This tutorial is for anyone using Airflow 1.9 and would like to use the KubernetesPodOperator without upgrading their version of Airflow.

It assumes a Dockerized Airflow setup (in this case, the Astronomer Setup), but should apply to any Airflow set up.

  1. Create a Service Account.

Create a service account tied to a role that allows create, get and watch on pods, and get on pods/logs. Note that any task could potentially take these same actions on an arbitrary pod in the same namespace, assuming it could guess a name correctly, since it cannot list.

  1. Fork the code found in this repository.

This repo contains all the necessary Kubernetes specific Airflow plugins with the right import paths.

  1. Set in_cluster to True.

This will tell your task to look inside the cluster for the Kubernetes config. In this setup, the workers are tied to role with the right privileges in the cluster.

  1. Run an example.

Run the Ubuntu example to ensure that everything works as expected.