Execute command in LevelDB

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Last Updated: May. 7, 2021

Access Instructions

Install the Google provider package into your Airflow environment.

Import the module into your DAG file and instantiate it with your desired params.


commandRequiredstrcommand of plyvel(python wrap for leveldb) for DB object e.g. "put", "get", "delete", "write_batch".
keyRequiredbyteskey for command(put,get,delete) execution(, e.g. b'key', b'another-key')
valuebytesvalue for command(put) execution(bytes, e.g. b'value', b'another-value')
keysList[bytes]keys for command(write_batch) execution(List[bytes], e.g. [b'key', b'another-key'])
valuesList[bytes]values for command(write_batch) execution e.g. [b'value', b'another-value']
create_if_missingboolwhether a new database should be created if needed
create_db_extra_optionsOptional[Dict[str, Any]]extra options of creation LevelDBOperator. See more in the link below Plyvel DB


Execute command in LevelDB

See also

For more information on how to use this operator, take a look at the guide: Google LevelDB Operator

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