Microsoft Azure

A hook to communicate with Azure Container Instances.

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Last Updated: Apr. 25, 2021

Access Instructions

Install the Microsoft Azure provider package into your Airflow environment.

Import the module into your DAG file and instantiate it with your desired params.


conn_idstrconnection id of a service principal which will be used to start the container instance


A hook to communicate with Azure Container Instances.

This hook requires a service principal in order to work. After creating this service principal (Azure Active Directory/App Registrations), you need to fill in the client_id (Application ID) as login, the generated password as password, and tenantId and subscriptionId in the extra’s field as a json.

Example DAGs

Improve this module by creating an example DAG.

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  1. Add an `example_dags` directory to the top-level source of the provider package with an empty `` file.
  2. Add your DAG to this directory. Be sure to include a well-written and descriptive docstring
  3. Create a pull request against the source code. Once the package gets released, your DAG will show up on the Registry.

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